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Judaica Petropolitana peer review policy

All research articles and discussions published in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and double-blind refereeing. The Editors have exclusive responsibility to choose experts to peer-reviewing. The referees are always recognized world experts in the area of the topic. All articles and discussions require at least one distinctly positive reports before publication.

Articles will be put through a process of blind refereeing. Authors should avoid any identifying references in their submissions. All direct and indirect references to the author in the manuscript should be removed. The Editors send a blind evaluation to the author. The Editors may disclose identity of a author if an expert states a strong case of academic dishonesty in the submission under peer-reviewing.

Submission of a manuscript implies: that the work described has not been published before; that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else; that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities – tacitly or explicitly – at the institute where the work has been carried out. The publisher will not be held legally responsible should there be any claims for compensation.

Submissions should conform to the JP's guidelines and recommendations to article formatting.

The Editors make the decision concerning issue / section that are suitable for a submission only after receiving a positive evaluation from an expert. 
In case of negative review, the editors (1) may propose to an author to amend the manuscript, or (2) may decline the submission. Plagiarism, academic dishonesty, hatred speech, defamation are among the reasons to decline a manuscript totally.

JP considers all manuscripts on the strict condition that

  • the manuscript is your own original work, and does not duplicate any other previously published work, including your own previously published work.
  • the manuscript has been submitted only to the JP; it is not under consideration or peer review or accepted for publication or in press or published elsewhere.
  • the manuscript contains nothing that is abusive, defamatory, libelous, obscene, fraudulent, or illegal.

Please note that JP uses a certain software to screen manuscripts for unoriginal material. By submitting your manuscript to JP you are agreeing to any necessary originality checks your manuscript may have to undergo during the peer-review and production processes.

Authors usually receive a decision on their contributions within 2 weeks after receipt of a reviewer's report.

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