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Issue 2 (2014)

V. E. Kelner.   Barrier: M. M. Vinaver and his weekly “Evreyskaya tribuna”   Summary
V. E. Kel'ner. Bar'er: M. M. Vinaver i ezhenedel'nik «Evreiskaia tribuna»
754 kB download pdf
V. Lukin. Napoleonic wars and Russian Jews: 200 years of memory   Summary
V. Lukin. Napoleonovskie voiny i rossiiskie evrei: 200 let pamiati
717 kB download pdf
O. Iu. Minkina. Intra-family conflicts and family stories of early 19th century Russian Jews in governmental documentation   Summary
O. Iu. Minkina. Semeinye konflikty i semeinye istorii evreev v rossiiskikh deloproizvodstvennykh dokumentakh nachala XIX v.
714 kB download pdf
Russian A. V. Zornitskyi.   Western Ukrainian dialectal borrowings in Y. Burg’s short story collection “On the Cheremosh River”    Summary
A. V. Zornitskii. Zapadnoukrainskie dialektnye zaimstvovaniia v sbornike rasskazov Iosifa Burga «Na Cheremoshe»
690 kB download pdf
Vassili Schedrin. At Home In Russia [Rev. of: Glants, Musya. Where is My Home? The Art and Life of the Russian Jewish Sculptor Mark Antokolsky, 1843-1902. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, a division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2010   Summary 618 kB download pdf
Yu. Rets.   Book review: Chaim Zhitlowsky: Philosoph, Sozialrevolutionär und Theoretiker einer säkularen nationaljüdischen Identität. By K. Schweigmann-Greve. Hannover: Wehrhahn, 2012. 470 pp.    Summary
Iu. Rets. Khaim Zhitlovskii - teoretik sekuliarnogo evreiskogo natsionalizma. Retsenziia na knigu:
Chaim Zhitlowsky: Philosoph, Sozialrevolutionär und Theoretiker einer säkularen nationaljüdischen Identität. By K. Schweigmann-Greve. Hannover: Wehrhahn, 2012
626 kB download pdf
Publications and Translations
«News»: The Diaries of Haim Avraham Shapira. Notes by David Assaf   Summary
«Novosti»: dnevnik Khaima Avraama Shapiro iz Mogileva (1874–1917) Redaktsiia rukopisi i primechaniia: D. Asaf. Vvodnaia stat'ia: A. Litin, D. Kharuv
916 kB download pdf
Appendix. A will of the Diaries' author (1910-1917)   Summary
Prilozhenie. Zaveshchaniia avtora dnevnika (1910–1917)
1.13 MB download pdf
Hebrew Summary   (1917-1873) דוד אסף. ‘ובאותו קיץ נתהוה כמה חדשות בעירנו’: יומנו של חיים אברהם שפירא 488 kB download pdf
Hebrew Summary   יומנו של חיים אברהם שפירא ממוהילב. ההדיר מכתב היד והוסיף הערות דוד אסף 674 kB download pdf
Hebrew Summary   (1917-1910) נספח. צוואותיו של חיים אברהם שפירא 520 kB download pdf
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Andrii Zornytskyi
Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Western Ukrainian dialectal borrowings in Y. Burg’s short story collection “On the Cheremosh River”

Download PDF
Download PDF (690 kB)
Keywords:  Yiddish language, Western Ukrainian Yiddish, Yoysef Burg, “Afn Tshermush”, dialectal lexemes, Yiddish lexicography
Basing on two original and two translated editions of Yoysef Burg’s short story collection “Afn Tshermush” (“On the Cheremosh River”), the paper attempts a complex description of either the author’s peculiar or common dialectal Western Ukrainian Yiddish lexemes as employed in the two original editions and yet unregistered in available dictionaries of the Yiddish language. Described are numerous Ukrainian borrowings in the author’s idiom which fall into imported lexemes, loanshifts, induced creations etc, many of them suggestive of their common dialectal rather than individual-contextual character. The researcher arrives at the conclusion that the lexemes in question present evidence as to a degree of difference between the ways of recent historical development of Central and Eastern Ukrainian Yiddish, on the one hand, and Western Ukrainian Yiddish, on the other hand. The listed words and expressions may be used by lexicographers for the purpose of expanding the dialectal component of prospective Yiddish dictionaries.
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